Current projects

S&A Bursztynowa Biżuteria wins foreign markets and owes this success partly to the European Union funds. We do our best to use the support coming from the European Union in many areas. Thanks to the external resources /structural finds and the participation of the State budget in co-financing the projects / we were able to be present at many international exhibitions and fairs /2002/000-580-06.05-2/11-0003; DZE I-WKP 1/2.2.2/1/2006/012/2545; DZE - I-WKP/1/2.2.2/1/2005/295/824; DZE - I-WKP/1/2.2.2/1/2006/436/2969; DIW - V-WKP_1/2.2.2/1/2007/0001/2007; DWP - IV-WKP_1/2.2.2/1/2006/2026/4559/. We endeavour to obtain not only funds to participate in industry exhibitions and fairs, but also the funds for the purchase of devices and equipment required in the production process /PL - 1/11-0222 PHARE 2001 SSG; PL - 2.3/11-0023 PHARE 2001 SSG; PL - 2.2/11-0102 PHARE 2001 SSG; PL - 1/11-0271 PHARE 2001 SSG; SPOWKP/2.3/4/22/3072/. We have also applied for subsidising our purchases of consulting services /ZPORR Z/2.22/III/3.4/186/06/U/76/06/. S&A Bursztynowa Biżuteria does its best to follow the latest technological achievements and to make products of the highest quality level. The European Union funds make this possible.

1. The Integrated Operational Program for Regional Development.


Presently, we are in the final stage of the project entitled "The Improvement of the Competitiveness of the Company through Consultancy to Enable the Introduction of a New Brand" in accordance to the agreement Z/2.22/III/3.4/183/06/U/76/06 concluded with Agencja Rozwoju Pomorza S.A (the Pomerania Development Agency) at ul. Piwna 36/39, 80-831 Gdańsk, under the Priority 3 – Local Development. The Project was selected through a competition under the IROP, measure 3.4 Microenterprises. The support comprised purchase of consultancy services provided by a professional consulting firms accredited to the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development for the purpose of defining the market for a new brand.


The project is co-financed from the resources of the European Regional Development Fund and the State Budget.




2. The company SILVER&AMBER Adam Pstrągowski is in the process of running the project co-financed from the resources of SOP ICE 2.3/4/22/3072 UE:
"The Improvement of the Competitiveness of the Company through the Introduction of New Jewellery Products to the Market", performed under the Sectoral Operational Programme – Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises, years 2004-2006, Priority 2 Direct Support for Companies, Measure 2.3 Improvement of competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises through investments".


On August 31 – September 07, 2004, our company took part in the "JUWELIR EXPO" MOSCOW 2004 International Fair which was a part of the co-financing agreement no 1322/3322. At the event we presented several dozens of patterns of the latest jewellery collections and unique products made with the use of amber.

At the JIT 2005 International Fair in Tokyo we presented a collection of silver and gold amber jewellery which was a part of the agreement no 2002/000-580-06.05-2-11-0003. The exhibition was arranged by Reed Exhibitions on the days of January 26 – 29, 2005 in Tokyo.