Honourable mention in the Mercurius Gedanensis contest for the "Amber Brothers" rings by Sławomir Fijałkowski.

• Gold Medal of the Mercurius Gedanensis for the "MAAMU" bracelet by Cyprian Chorociej from the S&A Design Studio.
• Amber gift for President Lech Walesa on the occasion of 75th birthday and 35th anniversary of the Peace Nobel Prize.
• The opening of the next, most modern store in Shanghai.

• Honourable mention of the Mercurius Gedanensis for LOUPE pendant - Amberif.
• European Entrepreneurship Laurel, during the ceremony accompanying the China Homelife Show 2017.
• TREND EXHIBITOR international award for consistency in creating trends, innovative and excellent design.
• Opening an online store for a retail customer.

• Award of the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk for the promotion of amber and the region on the international arena.
• The first amber crown specially made by S&A for Miss Polonia designed by Cyprian Chorociej.
• Bracelet with the Kashubian theme of Cyprian Chorociej project for Kamila Wenderlich for the contest of Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International in Shanghai.


• Opening of the EXPO 2015 pavilion in Milan.
• The Minister of Economy award for the promotion of the industry on international markets.

• I place in the competition for the most interesting exhibition exhibit "Designed in Poland" in Sofia, the prize of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency S.A..

Invest in Poland

• Grand Prix Mercurius Gedanensis on the International Amber Fair, Amberif.
• Second place in the Polish Goldsmiths and Jewellers Contest in Amber Craft in the category of seniors of work done with the computer technique, the ring "My heart, my Poland" by Cyprian Chorociej.
• Third place in the Polish Goldsmiths and Jewellers Contest in Amber Craft in the category of seniors of work done with the traditional technique, the bracelet "1 VIII We remember " by Maciej Ziemliński.
• The S&A jewellery, from the Floreska collection, show in China "Nature is the future" with the participation of the Pomeranian authorities

• Third place in the Polish Goldsmiths and Jewellers Contest in Amber Craft in the category of seniors for the 'Spring' ring by Cyprian Chorociej.
• First place in the Polish Gold and Silver Goldsmiths Contest in Craft in the category of work done with the computer technique for the "Ring of the Snow Queen" by Cyprian Chorociej.
• The Consortium "Amber - Polish Treasure" whose members are the Gdańsk International Fair, the International Warsaw Trade Center, the National Amber Chamber of Commerce and S&A (initiator and founder). For the Ministry of Economy request from 2012 till 2015 carried out a project to promote the industry on international markets, POIG 6.5.1.
• Specially prepared gift for First Lady Anna Komorowska - a set of amber jewellery.


• Gold Medal of Mercurius Gedanensis.
• Inhorgenta Award at the Inhorgenta fair in Munich in the Lifestyle Brands category for the "Less than white" ring. Joined work – Design: Sławomir Fijałkowski & Performance: Ireneusz Glaza.

• Opening of the EXPO 2010 pavilion in Shanghai, where S&A appeared as an Ambassador of Polish Amber.
• Medal for the best handicrafts.
• Medal of Saint Eligiusz and honorary title of the Goldsmith of the Year to Adam Pstrągowski.

• The award of the Minister of Economy.  
• Our first exhibition of the Polish Design in Shanghai. Since then we have also presented ourselves in Lisbon, Sofia, Prague, Wien, Leipzig, where our products were highlighted as the most interesting Polish exhibits.
• Medal of Saint Eligiusz and honorary title of the Goldsmith of the Year to Adam Pstrągowski.

• The Minister of Economy Award for the best product of the Gold Silver Time 2008 Fair ("Play On" set). Joined work – Design:Sławomir Fijałkowski & Performance: Ireneusz Glaza.
• The Students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź The Award for the best design, Amberif 2008.

Nagroda ASP

• First prize for the best website of the exhibitor - AMBER WEB 2007. 

Amber web 2007

• Extremely dynamic growth of the company led us to have problems with finding enough specialists to work for us. We decided to train talented young jewellers ourselves and specialize them.
• Gold Medal Amberif Stand Award in amber display category.
• Honourable mention in the Mercurius Gedanensis Contest for the product "Great blue" by Maja Gasperowicz.

Medal Amberif 2006

• The Mercurius Gedanensis Grand Prix in the design category for Silver & Amber for the "Energy" necklace by Katarzyna Jakubowska.

• The Minister of Economy and Labour Award - EUROPRODUKT - for the Metamorphosis collection the Minister of Economy, Labour and Social Policy Award at the Amberif Fair for a Flamenco necklace by Daria Jankowiak - the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship Award.
• Audience of the Gold, Silver, Time Award for the product in the Gem of Polish Jewellery category.
• First prize in the Golden Category, the award of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship in the Mercurius Gedanensis contest.
• The beginning of cooperation with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

12 finał WOŚP

• Title of the Amber Personality of the Year for Adam Pstrągowski.
• Award of the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts.
• Hussars of Europe, the Puls Biznesu and Polish Radio Award, under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy.
• Adam Pstrągowski – Amber Personality of the Year the Minister of Economy, Labour and Social Policy Award.

• Our first, from many later received, an award Mercurius Gedanensis in the competition at the AMBERIF - International Amber Fair.
• The Mercurius Gedanensis Gold Medal in the gold category for Silver & Amber for the "Golden Ring for Good Luck" by Ireneusz Glaza.
• “The Golden Giraffe” Award for Style in Marketing.

• First trip to China - the discovery of how much Baltic gold is appreciated in Asian culture. Gain a business partner with whom, in the next 17 years, we have managed to create a network of over 130 brand stores in China.
• Audience award at the Amberif International Amber Fair for the "Wang" set. The first store opened in China.

• In collaboration with Swarovski Metamorphosis collection is created and launched at New York event.

• Since this year, S&A is constantly present at international fairs like: Hong Kong, VicenzaOro, Las Vegas etc..

• The world went crazy about amber. All thanks to the success of the cinema production „Jurassic Park”. From then on, every fan of Steven Spielberg wants to have his own piece of prehistory locked in petrified resin.

Adam Pstrągowski after finishing the jewellery school, opens his workshop, and after gaining the mastership, he transforms it into a company specializing in the setting of amber in precious metals.

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