The history of S&A goes back to 1992, when a young graduate of the jewellery school, later president of the company, opened his first workshop. A year later, thanks to Steven Spielberg’s hit film “Jurassic Park”, the company spread its wings. Every American wanted to have his own Baltic amber, with a mosquito inside, that could bite a giant reptile. The boom was so big that the market started to lack manpower. For the next few years, with his own funds, the president of S&A began to finance a school for designers and jewellers, which was located within the company’s walls.

The next milestone in the company’s development involved a trip to China in 2001. The discovery of how much amber – one of the attributes of the Buddha – was appreciated, and how big the demand for it was, prompted S&A to decide to introduce exclusive amber jewellery into the Chinese market. The S&A board met a partner with the appropriate knowledge of the market. Over the next 17 years, their cooperation led to the creation of a network of over 130 S&A stores in China.

That is how it all started, and now, after over 28 years of S&A Jewellery Design being on the market, it has managed to develop its own recognizable style and character. Unmistakable design, coupled with amber and gemstones which are beautiful in their simplicity of shape, has become the trademark of S&A – with products so outstanding that no other company in the world can imitate them. And it’s all being made in Gdynia, Poland – a city with access to the sea – in the region called “the world capital of amber”.

Jewellery is always made of natural amber in accordance with the highest technological standards. S&A merge traditional jewellery techniques with the latest production technologies. State-of-the-art machinery, the artistry of designers, and the professionalism and commitment of production and sales staff are what guarantee products and services at the highest global levels, praising Poland on many international markets.

S&A create collections with amber, as well as with natural stones, which are framed in precious metals. As one of the few, we combine them by choosing the right colors and proportions. The combination of amber with gemstones in silver or gold, gives an original symbiosis. S&A has never been afraid of new ideas. The company eagerly implements exotic elements and miscellaneous materials into its designs. Just like the latest collection – MAAMU – made from mammoth tusks from Siberia, with genuine amber and topazes in the frame covered with 24-karat gold.

S&A is also curious about new solutions and new possibilities for creating jewellery. It seeks inspiration in the outside world and develops new techniques for implementing them into jewellery production. One example is when it used a completely atypical method to create the TOUCH OF NATURE collection – where the elements of nature were imprinted in silver and combined with amber. This is just one of the examples of the original and unique ideas that S&A offers to its fans. Not to mention the world’s first amber crown for MISS POLONIA, unique presents prepared for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, or cufflinks with a facsimile of the autograph of President Lech Walesa.