Baltic amber

Baltic amber, also known as succinate or yantar, is a fossilized resin originating from the extinct conifer species, which over 40 million years ago was part of a vast forest growing at the place where the Baltic Sea now lies. Unlike other fossil resins, it contains between 3-8 percent of amber acid, which is believed to have healing and nurturing properties.

Baltic amber occurs in many colors and in various degrees of transparency. Natural amber is milky or lemongrass color. Other colors are the result of heat treatment. It may occur that a piece of amber contains a frozen sign of life: insects, arachnids, small reptiles, plant remains or seeds.
Over the centuries, many legends have arisen around amber. The ancient Chinese believed that the soul of a tiger lay enchanted in amber (the eyes of a tiger are colored amber). Gladiators carried pieces of amber with them, which they believed ensured their victory in battle. And the women of Ancient Rome believed that contact with amber provided a young and fresh appearance.
Due to the presence of succinic acid, Baltic amber acts as a biostimulator. It stimulates the nervous system, regulates the functioning of the kidneys and intestines, has anti-inflammatory properties and cleanses toxins. It is called the stone of life, because it can provide the body with life-giving electrons and negative ions, which increase the body’s ability to self-heal, and it strengthens the body’s immune system.

What do people love about amber?

  • it is a witness to the history of our planet (organic inclusions frozen in amber are perfectly preserved traces of life from millions of years ago)
  • it reflects light wonderfully (jewellery with amber perfectly matches the skin color)
  • it is very original (there are no two identical pieces of amber)
  • it is pleasant and warm to the touch (amber is not a stone but fossilized resin)
  • it has proven healing and nurturing qualities, and positively affects well-being
  • after being rubbed, it electrifies to create an electrostatic field beneficial for people
  • it is comfortable to wear (amber pieces are light and float on the surface of saltwater)
  • it is a real treasure (working with amber requires tremendous knowledge, courage and patience, because amber is extremely difficult to treat and easily crumbles under the improper pressure of a chisel)