During the 2018 gala of Amberif Fairs in Gdańsk, S&A received the Gold Medal of Mercurius Gedanensis 2018 in the Jewellery Championship category for the MAAMU project designed by Cyprian Chorociej.

The first bracelet in the MAAMU collection is a combination of the most unique materials.
The main role is played by natural Baltic amber, mammoth’s tusk, and cubic zirconia. Every detail of the jewellery has been carefully designed and perfectly made in the S&A jewellery design studio. The raw material used has been grinded by hand with great care and placed in a silver frame covered with 24-karat gold.
The materials preserved for centuries have been used masterfully by S&A artists, who have brought out and emphasized their natural beauty.

MAAMU from mammoth`s tusks

The S&A from Gdynia created jewellery from a unique material: a MAMMOTH’S TUSK. The material was sent to the S&A jewellery design studio from Siberia and thanks to the skill of our native jewellers, it became part of the MAAMU collection which is being prepared.
The modern and simple form of the MAAMU collection naturally refers to current jewellery trends. Mammoth tusks are full of shades and colors resulting from several thousand years of mineralization of the original organic raw material. As a result, each item gains its unusual, individual and unique character, and the jewellery made from it becomes one of the most original feminine style accessories.